About Chris Abbott, B.Comm, Certified Negotiation Expert

team leader | sales associate, Broker

Chris Abbott Prioritizes Your Satisfaction- Always.  Experience the Difference of an Exclusive Real Estate Service

A wealth of experience in the real estate and property management sectors has helped Chris hone his skills and expertise to a fine craft. Prioritizing client satisfaction, Chris offers a one-to-one approach that reassures both buyers and sellers that their property objectives are in safe hands.

For Buyers, Chris understands the importance of listening with your goals in mind, Chris negotiates the best price possible on property that serves your requirements. Expert advice, superior market awareness and a personalized approach means you can rest assured you’ll get the property you want at a realistic price, in the area that best suits your needs.

For Sellers, Chris offers unparalleled experience of the local property market in the Burlington, Oakville and surrounding areas helping you make the right decisions when it comes to selling real estate. Regardless of the market conditions, when you’re ready to sell, Chris has the experience and know how to prepare solid marketing campaigns for maximum exposure.

Invested in You!

Chris will never forget his very first real estate transaction and his passion for real estate has continued to grow over the years through investment in rental property and involvement in real estate projects throughout  Burlington, Oakville and surrounding areas. Specializing in all areas of real estate, including resale of single family homes, rental and new construction properties, commercial and recreational real estate, Chris Abbott is invested in your best interests and guarantees to look after your investments with the same care and expertise he applies to his own property transactions.

Giving Back

Chris is a proud sponsor of the annual Coat Drive, Women's Shelters and Food Banks with a focus on giving back to local community causes and charities with a committment to helping them out financially. There is no greater feeling of fulfillment or satisfaction to 'give where you live!'


Greatest Love;  without question, my Family- I have an amazing Son, Daughter and a wonderful wife- I'm a lucky man!

Hobbies;  fitness, martial arts, playing sports with my son, coaching, photography, reading, history, learning, technology, travel, cooking, personal development

Food;  there is nothing better than discovering a new, incredible restaurant where you can share the experience with friends and family!

Travel;  I cannot imagine remaining in the same place without venturing out to see the world and experience other cultures, histories and beautiful surroundings- priceless!

Providing Professional Property Services with a Personal Touch!